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    Shaping a successful brand story often means piecing together various elements in synergy to create a complete picture which strikes a chord with your target audience. These are just some of our diverse services which form a total package of branding and corporate identity solutions

    One-Stop Signage Solutions

    A good signboard serves as a silent salesperson for your business, it draws attention and helps you stand out from a smorgasbord of brands on the street. It is literally branding on the go.

    We all understand that signage is important in getting your message across to your target audience for the purpose of branding or marketing, yet creating signages can be both mentally taxing and physically demanding.

    Let us handle all the work for you with our one-stop signage solutions. Guided by our wealth of experience as an acclaimed signboard specialist in Johor Bahru for retail, commercial and industrial projects, we've got the niche to provide the full range of services without compromising your budget. With this seamless workflow that we have set in place, making your brand name more prominent is now a hassle-free process.

    A. Customised signage design and production

    A signage that attracts the crowd to one business might not work for another. We don't just churn out run-of-the-mill concepts. Before getting down to work, we will make a site visit to understand your unique brand appeal and the environmental advantages, so that we are able to design and produce exclusive signage that shows your edge.

    And depending on your business needs, you can take your pick from the following.
    • Aluminium 3D LED Frontlit Signage
    • 3D lettering Logo With LED Backlit Signage
    • Customize Event Backrop, Roll Up Bunting
    • Exhibition Booth Signage at Singapore
    • Aryclic Signage & Event Poster Prinitng
    • PVC Foam Board Logo Factory Signage
    • Stainless Steel Signboard
    • Neon Light Signboard 
    • Lightbox Signage
    • GI Colourbond With UV Printing
    • Safety Signboard For Construction Site
    • Aluminium Ceiling Stripe Signage
    Signboard - Bosch
    Signboard - Siemens
    Signboard - Versace
    Bosch   Siemens   Versace
    Signboard (Out Door & Indoor)
    Signboard (Out Door & Indoor)
    Signboard (Out Door & Indoor)
    Palm Tree Hotel   Passionfood   YShamper


    B. Licence applications

    This is the part that most business owners find vexing as they strive to meet the stringent
    standards of signage display. Leave the legwork to us as we will obtain the necessary licences
    and government permits on your behalf, so you can focus on what's important in your
    business - the bottom line.

    C. Signage installation

    We complete the process by installing the signage for you, so you can save the time and
    labour. With everything in place, you can start your business venture!



    Product Catalogues and Brochures

    Marketing Collaterals

    Show your core competencies through a kaleidoscope of marketing collaterals with informative and appealing contents. Bring the solutions to your customers. Entrench your corporate identity with a comprehensive company profile. Let these catalogues, brochures, leaflets and posters do the sales for you, so you can just focus on closing the deal.

    Product Catalogues and Brochures
    Product Catalogues and Brochures
    Product Catalogues and Brochures
    AFSys   Honda   IOI Group
    Product Catalogues and Brochures
    Product Catalogues and Brochures
    Product Catalogues and Brochures
    Go Nature   Rong Mah Group   Rong Mah Group
    Corporate Identity System

    Logos and Corporate Stationery

    A good logo speaks volumes for your business. For us, every logo should be unique and customised exclusively to bring out the brand appeal. Coupled with the full suite of corporate stationery from name cards to letterheads, your brand image is complete.

    Raj Fertility Centre
    Uncle Jo's
    YS Hamper
    Raj Fertility Centre   Uncle Jo's   YShamper
    Reps Fitness, Gym Centre
    TCK Fishery
    Reps Fitness   Kool   TCK Fishery
    TCK Name Card
    TCK Letter Head
    TCK Name Card   TCK Letterhead  
    Books, Menu, and Calendar

    Other Printed Materials

    Whether you are working on a seasonal branding campaign or hoping to make your workflow clearer, we can help you achieve your targeted purpose through a wide variety of printed materials, including calendars, diaries, memo pads, menus, paper bags, folders, files, red packets, employee handbooks, product manuals and more.

    Books, Menu, and Calendar
    Books, Menu, and Calendar
    Books, Menu, and Calendar
    Books Covers   Rong Mah Calendar   Sushi Menu Cover
    Books, Menu, and Calendar
    Books, Menu, and Calendar
    Books, Menu, and Calendar
    Sushi Menu   The Toast   The Toast Menu
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